Authorized Salute

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Oddly enough it has never been actually officially authorized for a person not in uniform to render a salute by members of the armed services while not in uniform or of veteran status. In the last few years this has been remedied. Veterans and service members are now allowed to render the salute during the national anthem, passing and raising and lowering of the flag.
Some may wonder what the big deal is, well it is simple. Those who serve and have served have pledged oaths to the country and it’s constitution. The flag and national anthems are direct representatives of that which we revere and hold true. The salute is a sign of respect, a sign of camaraderie. To be officially be authorized to salute is to be able to retain that commitment and be recognized as a brother at arms.
National Defense Authorization Act of 2008, which took effect Jan. 28, 2008


Does America care more about hurting the Islamists feelings than it’s soldiers?

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Seals charged for a bloody lip on a known terrorist

So I am just not getting it… In 2004 the mastermind, Ahmed Hashim Abed planned the execution and mutilation of 4 US security contractors. Our SEALS were able to catch him in Sept 2009 and during the capture Abed was hit in the face. Now instead of backing the SEALs and saluting them with accolades for capturing this enemy combatant they are sent up for an Admiral Mast… They turned that down for a court marshal instead… Power to them! What is this country thinking? They are going after our soldiers, sailors, Marines, CIA agent and stabbing them in the back.
Sadly if I was asked if someone should join the military or law enforcement I would have to say think twice about it and watch your back. The government and command won’t hesitate to shoot you in it.

The President and school speeches…

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The President and school speeches…

So the President decided to talk to the students of America today… There was such an uproar about him doing so. Some said it would be political indoctrination. Some were just believing that the Whitehouse was overstepping their authority to want to do so. Subverting the parents and teacher authority. The president can call up the various media groups and get everything he wants to say on every form of media he wants to. With President Obama the media loves him and would consent to just about anything at times. It would not be a problem.

Looking at the past, the President has only talked to the students about self sufficiency and taking education seriously. Telling them to take charge of their own future. Nothing has he said to make me believe he would not say anything different this time.

The Whitehouse overstepping their authority? Hmm… How? The Whitehouse can only request that his speech be played. The school administration and teachers have the ability to broadcast the speech or not on their discretion. Parents authority? We send our children to school to be educated. We trust our educators to enrich and guide our children.

Whether you voted for the President or not, he is the President. I am not the biggest fan of the current administration. I cannot agree with much of his ideas in the direction of socialism or some of the personnel that he surrounds himself with. I do feel that he has the right to talk to the nation of his people. Our children should be able to listen to the president, I would say let the president speak his mind. As a parent you should listen to the speech yourself so that you can discuss what was said openly.

Van Jones

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Van Jones resigned his post over the weekend… It is an interesting case. More than not it was once again the situation which someone’s past is too much for the administration. I am not sure Mr. Jones really realizes that he is his own reason for his bad tidings. Should he not take responsibilities for his own beliefs? His own words? Whether you like it or not your past is part of you. It is part of what defines you. Can people change, sure but not completely. Do people deserve 2nd chances? Sure but that should not exonerate your past. Oh as in “past” there are statements even as April of 2009 which show a strong link between Van Jones today and Van Jones twenty years ago, he does not believe in just the Environment… He believes in Social Justice, change in the American system, socialism and Marxism…

Van Jones is yet another member of the Obama administration or pre/post election team who has resigned or turned down a position due to the extreme nature of their politics and or past activities. We can believe a mixture of possible reasons…

1. The President’s administration does not investigate the people it chooses for political or advisory positions.
2. The President’s administration shares the ideas of the people it chooses for political or advisory positions.
3. The President’s administration does not care about the history and stance of the people it chooses for political or advisory positions.

Marxist America?

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Van Jones – Obama’s Green Czar…
Once a “Black Panther” and Co-Founder of STORM a political action group which started with anarchists and communists which later became more communist-oriented.

Mark Lloyd – Obama’s Chief Diversity Officer of the FCC…
“After one examines the numerous statements made through the years by Lloyd to seminar audiences, discussion panels, and in his published material, it is clear that he sees the role of the FCC as one of spearheading massive social and political change in America, modeled after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela”.- Anthony Martin SF Examiner
Mark Llyod has publicly applauded Hugo Chavez for his control of the media after the dictator lead a Marxist revolution in Venezuela at the 2008 “media reform” conference.

Carol Browner- Obama’s Assistant to the President for Energy and Climate change
The Socialists International’s webpage listed Carol M Browner as one of the 14 leaders of a socialist group’s Commission for a Sustainable World Society, which calls for “global governance” and says rich countries must shrink their economies to address climate change. Her name and biography were recently removed from the group’s webpage. However photo’s of her speaking to the groups congress in Greece is still available.

Anyone remember a mini-series in ’87 Amerika link

Welcome Back

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Just a howdy and Welcome Back to the troops of the 12Bn…

Great work!

Wanted: American fortitude…

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I was listening on the radio the other day and it was a funny (ironic) commentary going on between a couple of talk show hosts. It was in regards to a poll that stated the majority of Americans did not support the war in Afghanistan. The interesting thing was that they were commenting and questioning the goals of the Afgan war and why we are there. They went on to say that Iraq had clear goals where in Afghanistan there were not. I guess I am just confused, after all a year ago even Obama was campaigning on getting out of Iraq where we had no goal there and send more troops to Afghanistan. The whole “out of Iraq” crowd seemed behind that sentiment. I find it a bit interesting on how politicians and anti-war people think… To me the best way to get out of a war is to finish it. In Vietnam, for political reason we were not allowed to bomb the north… Of course the war dragged on, when we wanted out of there they were not interested in talks until we started to bomb them. They were brought to their knees and hello talks. In Iraq we kept the troop levels low because of stupidity and of course political reasons. The notion of sending in more troops to quell the violence was scoffed at, until it worked. Now Afghanistan, let’s just get the job done and get the hell out. That does not mean pack up and leave. That never works long term. We just need to let the military do its job; Stop letting politics and social engineering get in the way and we’ll be out of there sooner than later